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10 Best Places to Run in Virginia

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Explore The Beautiful State of Virginia

There are a number of great running trails in Virginia, perfect for anyone looking to get their exercise. Some of the best places to run in Virginia are on trails for walkers, runners, and cyclists. The James River Park System has a number of great running trails that are perfect for beginners and experienced runners alike.

These trails wind through the beautiful surroundings of James River Park, making them a great option for anyone looking to get some cardio exercise. Similarly, the Richmond Recreation Area has a number of great running trails that are perfect for beginner runners and those looking to take their fitness level up a notch.


Safety First:

Safety always comes first. Several important considerations before heading out on your run: notify someone where you’re going and when to expect you back, pack granola bars and water, and be sure to monitor changing weather conditions. Run with a friend or a group remember safety first.


1. Fairfax County Parkway Trail 28.2 miles

There are a number of great places to run in Virginia. One of the best places to run is on trails for walkers runners and cyclists. These trails are well-maintained and provide a challenging but fun workout. For more info...

2. Wilderness Road Trail 8.5 miles

Running trails are a great way to get your daily exercise. There are a number of running trails in Virginia that are perfect for runners, walkers, and cyclists. For more info...

3. Riverway Trail 3.2 miles

One great way to get some exercise and have fun at the same time is by running on a trail. There are a number of trails in Virginia that are perfect for runners, walkers, and cyclists. These trails range in length from 1 mile to over 20 miles. For more info...

4. Virginia Blueridge Trail 6.9 miles

The Blueridge Trail is a 6.9-mile trail located in Virginia's the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is a multi-use trail that also serves as part of the Virginia City Trail, which is a portion of the larger Virginia City Rail Trail. For more info...

5. Dismal Swamp Trail 8.5 miles

A level trail for runners and hikers with interesting scenery, a few water crossings and a couple of small hills to keep things interesting. The trail is 8.5 miles long through the Dismal Swamp area of Virginia. For more info...


These trails wind through lush forests and alongside flowing rivers, making them a challenging yet rewarding destination for runners of all levels. If you're looking for an outdoor run with spectacular views, consider running along the Appalachian Trail in Virginia. This iconic trail runs through some of the most picturesque countrysides in America, making it the perfect place to combine your love of running with some stunning natural scenery.


6. Cross County Trail 40 miles

Cross County Trail 40 miles Fairfax County VA is a hiking trail that is 40 miles long. The Cross County Trail is a great place for outdoor activities and picnics. For more info...

7. Bald Cypress Trail

The Bald Cypress Trail is a hiking trail in Virginia Beach, Virginia. It is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia Beach, Virginia, and is approximately 1,6 miles loop. The Bald Cypress Trail leads out of the Chesapeake Bay to the Atlantic Ocean. For more info...

8. Winchester Green Trail 5.3 miles

The Winchester Green Trail is a 5.3-mile multi-use trail that runs through the heart of Winchester. It is a great place for hikers and bikers, and a perfect place for families and dog walkers. For more info...

9. Tobacco Heritage Trail 22.7 miles

The Tobacco Heritage Trail is 22.7-mile hiking, running, and biking trail in Central Virginia. The trail is open for use year-round. For more information

10. Chessie Nature Trail 7. miles

Chessie Nature Trail, 7. miles, Virginia is a scenic and relatively remote trail, with a mix of rural, farm, and forest. This is a great trail for hikers and runners, with a gentle grade, scenic views, and a moderately challenging course with a few steep sections. For more info...

The advice given on this website does not constitute or replaces medical advice.

Please consult with a doctor before starting any exercise or nutrition plan.

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