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20 Best Running Trails in The US

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

by Randy S.

Here Are Some Excellent Places to Run in The Us

Trail running is excellent for exercise and is a lot more fun than running indoors. You get to enjoy the outdoors, meet new people and relax.

It is also a great way to lose weight, improve your cardiovascular health and deal with depression symptoms. Here are some safe places for trail running in the US.

Rim Trail in California/Nevada

image: rim trail
Rim Trail

A great trail offers you variety on your run and is in one of the best states to hike and run. The Rim Trail, as area residents call it, is 165 miles long.

It goes around the lake via the Sierra Nevada Mountains. If you run the entire Rim Trail, you will see meadows, forests, granite boulders next to alpine lakes, and still, get a great view of Lake Tahoe.

You may not run the entire trail, but there are access points you can use to run long and short sections of the trail. These also offer stunning views and ensure you have a great time on your run.

for more information: Travel Nevada

Mid Mountain Trail in Park City, Utah

The beauty of a mountain is best appreciated when you're standing on it. This trail offers exactly that, and more!

From the 8000 feet above sea level to the air being so thin up there- this experience will take your breath away.

The forest landscape is beautiful, and you get excellent views of Park City down below. You will also catch views of the Canyons Resort as you run the trail.

The Mid Mountain Trail stretches between The Canyons and Deer Valley.

It is an excellent run for a group and is also a great way to see the sights. A word of caution, make sure you acclimatize, drink lots of water, and increase your carbohydrate intake before running this trail.

For more info contact Mid Mountain Trail

Awa’apuhi Trail in Kauai, Hawaii

The Awa’apuhi trail is on Kauai, which is famous for its ocean scenery and sheer cliffs. The beautiful beaches and blue ocean water make you appreciate life and living. It goes through Waimea State Park and allows you a view of the Na Pali Coast.

The great thing about this hike up to 4000 feet elevation (the average person starts at 2500) is that it offers a workout with mountainside views as your reward!

for more info: Awa'awapuhi Trail

Billy Goat Trail in Montgomery County, Maryland

The Billy Goat trail requires careful running and is also great for walking for people visiting the city for the first time.

The trail joins the Potomac River and Chesapeake, and Ohio Canal.

It is divided into three sections; A, B, and C. Section A has the rockiest features and offers the greatest challenge even to seasoned trail runners.

You will need to do quite a bit of scrambling and rock hopping. That said, it is an excellent experience for a walk or run for the entire family. Make sure that you bring lots of water with you on this part of your run.

for more info: Billy Goat Trail

Inner Basin Trail in Flagstaff, Arizona

The Inner Basin Trail is deep inside the Coconino National Forest in Arizona and begins in a meadow. If you love high-altitude running, this is an excellent trail for you.

While running on this trail, you will be able to see the San Francisco Peaks and enjoy the local alpine beauty. This trail is only 3.9miles long, but you can connect to other paths in the area to lengthen your run.

The Inner Basin Trail is excellent to run with your kids because it is short, and there are so many beautiful things to see during your run.

for more info: Inner Basin Trail

Art Loeb Trail in Asheville, North Carolina

Art Loeb Trail is named for an activist from the Carolina Mountain Club who is said to have deeply loved the mountains.

image:carolina trails

The trail is quite challenging and includes both ascending and descending sections in rough terrain. It is 30 miles long, but most people choose to run it in short portions instead of running the entire thing in one day.

The Art Loeb Trail, it is crucial to mention, is broken into four sections.

for more info: Art Loeb Trail

Vasa Pathway in Williamsburg, Michigan

The Vasa Pathway is an all-year-round delight for runners, hikers, and even skiers in the winter. The gravel trails are maintained by TART and are well marked to ensure that you do not get lost, even if it is your first time in the area.

There are beautiful wildflowers along the Vasa Pathway during summer and spring. If you love a good winter wonderland picture, you will love the snow-covered pines you will see here in the winter. This trail is perfect to run alone, with friends and even family. for more info: Vasa Pathway

Wildwood Trail in Portland, Oregon

The Wildwood Trail is a designated national recreation trail that is 30 miles long through forested land. Forest landscapes are beautiful and offer shade for runners in the summer months.

You will love the pacific northwest greenery and the silence as you run alone or with other trail enthusiasts. This is a top river trail and you will be able to see the Willamette River as you run. for more info: Wildwood Trail

Cougar Mountain Wildland Park in Renton, Washington

The Issaquah Mountains are beautiful and have green and lush forests that you will love exploring. The Park includes about 36 miles of excellent tracks that locals enjoy exploring not far from Seattle.

Both flat and steep sections ensure that you get a good workout running in the mountains.

If you are interested in participating in a trail race, several of these take place in Cougar Mountain Park.

They give a challenge and enhance your health.

You will love the wild forest scenery, and if you are on holiday in the area, it offers beautiful sights for nature lovers. for more info: Cougar Mountain

Bear Mountain State Park Trails in Tomkins Cove, New York

This trail is less than 40 miles from Manhattan and offers the craziest hikes in the country. It stretches through smooth, rocky, and rugged terrain, which ensures that you can challenge yourself.

If you have been hoping to try out a portion of the Catskills or the Appalachian trail, you can do it in Bear Mountain State Park. Check out our story on Appalachian Trail vs Pacific Trail

Several races take place in the area, stretching from easy 5K races to 50-mile trail runs. You can participate in the North Face Endurance Challenge in May. for more info: Bear Mountain

Superior Hiking Trail In Minnesota

The Superior Hiking Trail is among the best day hikes us nat parks and is a great way to experience the beauty of Minnesota. It is 300 miles long and stretches to the US border with Canada.

The SHT is generally a single-track footpath with access points every 10 or 5 miles to ensure that locals can use it for a quick run.

When running the trail, you will see rocky gorges, dense forests, breathtaking waterfalls, and of course, views of Lake Superior.

The scenery is relaxing and will also motivate you to run longer distances to see the beautiful sights that line the Superior Hiking Trail.

for more info: Superior Hiking

Dipsea Trail in Marin County, California

image: map Dipsea Trail in Marin County, California
Dipsea Trail in Marin County, California

The Dipsea Trail stretches between Stinson Beach and Mill Valley in California, a total of 7.4 miles.

The trail is very challenging, but there are beautiful sights to see as it stretches over the northern side of Tamalpais Mountain.

If you love ferns, this is the place to see them, as you will find a wide section of giant ferns in the Muir Woods. There are also lush forests and astounding ocean views.

This trail makes your run a delightful experience that you will enjoy telling your friends about. If you are new in the area, get a map of the trail and run it regularly.

It will help you relax, improve your mood and make you more productive in the workplace. for more info: on Dipsea Trail

Green Mountain Summit In Boulder, Colorado

The Green Mountain Summit is another great trail for high-altitude runners. It is challenging but will present you with amazing sights including, stream crossings, meadows, and a beautiful summit.

When you reach the trail summit, you will be able to see the continental divide, Boulder and Denver. This view is worth all the sweat and struggles to get to the top.

If you are new to the area, make sure you bring a regular trail runner to show you the safe places to run. It is also crucial to carry lots of water for your run.

for more info: Summit Post

Dipsea Trail in Orange County, New York

This paved running trail is very popular with both runners and cyclists and is 15 miles long. The Goshen Heritage trail crosses several local towns. It is lined with trees and has markers for every half mile.

The best part about this trail is the motivational quotes that accompany all the half miles markers.

You know how sometimes you get tired on your run, and you want to go home? This trail is prepared with excellent quotes to ensure that you do not give up.

for more info: Goshen Heritage Trail

Sourdough Canyon in Bozeman, Montana

Bozeman is one of the safest to live in Montana, making it an excellent place for a trail run. The tree-lined Sourdough Canyon trail is the best for day hikes in us. It is wider than most gravel trails which makes it perfect for groups.

You can run up to an 8-mile trip, but you can always stop and go back when you get too tired. If you get hungry after your run, you can drive to a local bar and enjoy a delicious Burger and locally brewed beer.

for more info: Sourdough Canyon

Black Cap Mountain In New Hampshire

The Black Cap Mountain trail is short but is an excellent test for your endurance because it is very steep. There are trees around, making it beautiful in the fall with leaves on the ground and the sun shining through the trees.

You will love the sights because in summer and spring you see the snow on the mountain peaks.

There are breathtaking local waterfalls too. It is a great place to have fun runs with your friends to see who is the fastest. Make sure that you bring extra water because the 2.5-mile trip will be a sweaty one.

for more info: Black Cap Mountian

Marin Headlands in San Francisco, California

Marin provides one of the best day hikes us nat parks. It begins near the Golden Gate Bridge. The trail is a climb, but that ensures that you get an overhead view of other trails. It descends into the Dipsea Trail, mentioned above, and then on to Willow Camp.

The forests and the scenes down below will make your run fulfilling. You can customize your route to ensure that you take on what you can handle.

for more info: Marin Headlands

Pre’s Trail In Eugene, Oregon

This trail is four miles long and is excellent for runners new to trail running. It has a series of beautiful streams and beautiful shrubbery.

The trees that line the trail not only offer shade but provide excellent views for nature enthusiasts from around the country.

Bear in mind that this trail is named for Steve Prefontaine, a long-distance runner who competed in the 1972 Olympics. It also offers a view of the University of Oregon campus and the Autzen Stadium.

for more info: on Hiking Project

Bull Hill Trail in Cold Spring, New York

There are several paved running trails on Breakneck Ridge including, the Bull Hill Trail. It is one of the best choices for beginners.

That said, there are many gravel trails on the Breakneck Ridge providing some of the craziest hikes you have ever been on.

It will take about 90 minutes on the train to get there from New York.

There are excellent sights to see from the top of Bull Hill including, the Hudson River and the breathtaking valley below.

for more info: Bull Hill Trail

Green Lakes to Soda Creek Trail in Bend, Oregon

image men running trails

The trail is 12.1 miles long and is an excellent place to run for both seasoned runners and beginners.

There are beautiful pine forests, meadows, and waterfalls to see as you run. You will also get to see the Cascade Lakes and snow-capped mountains.

Trail running is an excellent way to enjoy nature and stay fit. The above trails offer an excellent reason to travel and see the above best states for trail running.

Running in these safe places with friends and family will bring you closer together and ensure everyone enjoys themselves.

for more info on Green Lakes


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