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7 Ways to Improve Your Running Shoes


7 Technical Tips For a Better Running Performance

We have found 7 ways to improve your running shoes to keep your running game to the best level. This review will detail the best way to keep your shoes to top performance.

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1. The Shoe Material

You want to purchase a running shoe with the best material to maintain the same grip and the best cushioning your body requires. Most of the manufacturers that sell running shoes provide the specifications of the best material used in the shoe.

However, we'll discuss the 3 materials (Natural, Recycled, and Synthetic) used in many of the top brands: Nike, Asics, Brooks, New Balance, and Saucony. Natural material provides the most grip to the runner, but it may cause your feet to hurt if you practice it for long.

Recycled material in the shoes is used to make the shoes more durable. However, it has a higher cost and a lower grip compared to natural material. Synthetic material in the shoes does not offer much. It's cheaper and provides less grip.

2. The Shoe Fit

Most of us make a bad choice when purchasing running shoes because we have a specific shoe look in mind before we even step foot in a store. You're going to get a shoe that fits your foot, so why waste the time of a sales associate? Here are a few tips to ensure that you get the right fit: Always try the shoes on inside out before purchasing them.

Make sure that the shoe still feels good when you put it on after you start running. Do not rely on only one type of shoe for a variety of activities. Check the shoe label to ensure that it is suitable for the running activity you have selected. Wear the same type of clothing as your running shoes for maximum protection. The shoe brand is not an indication of quality.

3. The Shoe Design

The foot strike for running is unique and different from any other type of walking. For example, if you always walk on the balls of your feet, you need to alter your foot strike to adapt to your running motion. If you've noticed that your shoes are not offering you enough support, you should definitely upgrade your shoes to a higher quality shoe.

4. Shoe Fitment

Is a big part of the running experience. A proper shoe fitting will ensure that your body is properly supported when you run. In other words, you can't easily find the proper fitment at the local running store. Not sure where to buy your running shoes? There are many quality online retailers which ship your shoes to your door for a fixed price.

5. The Shoe Weight

Having a shoe weight is something that most runners might not consider useful. But, that can make a big difference in your running. When you run, your foot has to do more work. Therefore, you need to increase your stride.

This can lead to injuries, and also impact your running performance. When you have a shoe weight, you don't have to put that extra amount of strain on your foot, and also improve your running performance.

6. No Need To Buy Multiple Shoes

Some runners need different shoes for different purposes. One example is for distance runners, who may wear shoes to run longer distances such as 10k. This is not the case for everyone, and they might want to get a wide variety of running shoes to suit their needs.

7. The Shoe Durability

Performance running shoes have been designed in accordance with the standard of durability needed to put up a good performance. As a matter of fact, durability is one of the most important parts of a running shoe that can guarantee the right form of running.

The durability of a running shoe should not be compromised at any point in its life because that would mean the shoes are worn out too fast.

The new shoe will almost always have the best materials that can keep up with the lifespan of a running shoe. It is important to note that there are shoes that can last for almost 5 years but that is extremely rare. So when considering durability you should also make sure that the shoe is durable for a lifetime rather than just a few months.


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