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HOKA ONE Clifton 8 Mens Shoes

Updated: Feb 4


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Up Your Game With Everyday Trainers

A shoe that takes on the challenges of all running types with ease, delivering true multi-purpose protection and unparalleled ground contact.

Hoka's proven performance cushioning system is also lighter than ever. With these sustainable sneakers, you'll be more agile and comfortable than ever before. Check out our Hoka shop page for everyday deals.


Get ripped, sculpted feet with our Hoka Clifton 8 sneakers. With less arch support, the lightweight design reduces the strain on your feet for a soft feel.


Hoka Clifton 8 - Lightweight and flexible, the perfect running shoe for every day.

Well-built shoes for ultrarunners or long-distance walkers who need well-cushioned, flexible, lightweight footwear.

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