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Judge for Yourself the Brooks Pure Flow 7 Sneaker

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Are you looking for an everyday running shoe that is both comfortable and responsive? If so, you should consider investing in Brooks Pure Flow 7.

This is a great shoe to buy when you are just getting into running or getting back into running after a break.

Not only is the Brooks Pure Flow 7 a tremendous short-distance running shoe. It also makes an immense race-walking shoe.

Those in this particular discipline will know how hard it is to keep that heel-to-toe action going.

Pillar support gives you good contact with the ground. The outsole is flexible but still offers a good grip.

Thanks to the responsive nature of the Pure Flow 7, it is not something you have to worry about anymore.

With this shoe, the heel-to-toe movement becomes natural.

Is It Good For At Exercising In At Home?

Exercising or walking at home is more popular than ever before. If you are into Walk At Home YouTube videos, this is the perfect shoe choice for you.

When you walk at home, you need a shoe that fits snugly, especially around your mid-foot. At the same, the shoe mustn't be too heavy.

Thanks to its high-quality lacing system, the Pure Flow 7 fits snugly and offers your foot complete stability.

Thanks to its Wraparound Heel Comfort Collar, the Pure 7 Flow also gives you extra cushioning for more vigorous exercises such as aerobic movements that are often part of walk-at-home videos.

Pure Flow 7 Midsole

Traditional cushioning systems are often experienced as rather heavy for the average walker and short-distance runner.

The team at Brooks has developed a special foam that helps cut down the shoe's overall weight. Yet, it offers the same comfort that you get with other foams and cushioning systems.

BioMoGo mid-sole foam technology makes this shoe more responsive than other shoes within the same price range.

When you walk or exercise wearing the Pure Flow 7, you will feel the shoe responding to the movement of your entire foot.

Is The Pure Flow 7 Good For My Joints?

When you have any joint concerns, this is one of the better exercise and walking shoes you can purchase. Not only will it support you to walk in the right way.

When you have joint problems achieving a heel-to-toe action is not always easy.

However, once you have been wearing these shoes for a while, you will notice that the action of heel-to-toe is natural.

Of course, its unique midsole technology helps, but at the same time, the entire shoe supports your posture.


Keeping Your Feet Cool

Many runners and walkers find that keeping their feet cool is often a challenge. Once again, this is not something that you have to worry about with Brooks Pure Flow 7.

The upper fabric of the shoe is woven tightly enough to embrace your foot. But, at the same time, it lets your foot breathe. If you look inside the shoe, you will see what looks like an internal boot.

Just like you may wear removable layers on cooler days, the internal boot helps to keep the foot both comfortable and well-ventilated.


The Brooks Pure Flow 7 is one of the few truly adaptable sneakers and training shoes. It is one of the few sports shoes that both supports and adapts to the foot's natural movement.

There have been durability issues, but I would question those. It is essential to realize that this is not a shoe meant for long-distance running. This is a shoe that gives you continued support throughout your workout.


  • Flexibility

  • Comfort

  • Great shoe for running and other sports

  • Lightweight

  • Supports the foot

  • Good value for money

  • A shoe from a quality manufacturer

  • Great shoe for when you are getting back into fitness

  • Good midsole thickness


  • Not suitable for long-distance running

  • Not a general walking shoe


Brooks Pure Flow 7 is an excellent shoe for exercising at home or running shorter distances. It offers both comfort and flexibility.

The fact that it is suitable for other sports activities makes it such good value for money. The weight is perfect for exercise at the home shoe.

Is it an everyday walking shoe? The Brooks Pure Flow 7 is not the sort of shoe you would wear for going shopping or on a family walk. This is very much a shoe that encourages you to move.

The best way to describe it is as flexible and responsive. When you are looking for a shoe with mid-sole thickness for extra support, this is the one for you.

Available in Men's & Women's

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