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The 10 Best Trails to Run in Vermont


Vermont is not just for Skiers

The Green Mountain State, Vermont is home to some of the best running trails in New England. But with so many to choose from and a limited amount of time to explore them all, it can be tough to find the right trail for you. To help with that problem, we've compiled this list of 10 great trails for running in Vermont.


Safety First:

Safety always comes first. Several important considerations before heading out on your run: notify someone where you’re going and when to expect you back, pack granola bars and water, and be sure to monitor changing weather conditions. Run with a friend or a group remember safety first.


Find Out Where You Can Run, Hike & Explore in Vermont.

1. Stowe Pinnacle Trail

Explore this 3.7 mile, out and back trail near Stowe, VT. Generally considered challenging, it takes about 2 hours 45 min to complete. This is a very popular area for hiking, so you'll likely encounter other people while exploring. The trail is open year-round but the best times to visit are April through October Enjoy ! for more info...

2. Red Rocks Park Loop

If you're looking for an easy trail near Burlington, Vermont, try a 2.70-mile loop trail. It takes most people 1 h 14 min to complete, which is generally considered an easy route. This popular area can be explored year-round but you'll want to visit in the months of March through November and have your dog on a leash. for more info...

3. Camels Hump Trail

It's a challenging intermediate trail located near Vermont. With scenic beauty, it will take an average of 4 hours to complete this 6.00-mile hike. Most well-known for backpacking, camping, and hiking, the area is open year-round and dogs are welcome to go on a leash. For more info...

4. Island Line Trail

Go on a hiking trail near Burlington, Vermont this 14.5-mile trail takes a little under 6 hours to finish. This is a great area to explore because it's open throughout the year and there are many opportunities to do other outdoor activities. for more info...

5. Green Mountian National Forest

The United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service manages the Green Mountain National Forest. The park contains a stretch of the Long Trail and Appalachian Trail in Rutland, Vermont. It is a popular destination for hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking in New England. Total 399,360 acres 123 Hiking trails for you to enjoy for more info...

What could be better than a day of outdoor exercise, fresh air, and beautiful scenery? In Vermont, there are plenty of places to run and an abundance of trails to explore.

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6. Athens Dome Trail

If you are looking for a more difficult 1.15 mile out and back hike, try the Athens Dome Trail. Windmill Hill Pinnacle Association,

for more info...

7. Yellow Trail

If you're near Saint Johnsbury, Vermont, try this 1.8-mile trail for hiking and running. Most people think it is an easy route that takes about an hour to complete. For more info...

8. Lake Willoughby

Lake Willoughby is a peaceful Vermont Lake that is popular for swimming in summer and admiring the scenery in fall. This route travels for 5.2 miles, between Willoughby North Beach and Willoughby South Beach. 1 mile of this route will pass through views of nature while providing stellar water and mountain views, such as Winter Mountain & Mt. Pisgah.

for more info...

9. West River Trail

This is a 7.5-mile trail with easy terrain. Generally, cross-country skiers, hikers, and road bikers go to this trail. Dogs are allowed off-leash in some areas during the year and it takes an average of 3 hours and 14 minutes to complete it. For more info...

10. Missisquoi Valley Rail Trail, St. Albans

This trail is great for biking, running, and biking, and you may not encounter many people while exploring it. The trail is open year-round, but the best times to go are April through November. Dogs are welcome but must be on a leash in some areas. For more info...

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Please consult with a doctor before starting any exercise or nutrition plan.

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