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5 of The Best Walking Shoes for Seniors

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

updated 11-12-21

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Here is a Snapshot of the Best Walking Shoes for Seniors

Putting on cozy footwear will do more than make your heels feel relaxed; it can be used to enhance your overall wellness and well-being.

For sure, when you wear comfy shoes, you will move easily without having to bother about discomfort stopping you.

Best Comfort - Go Walk4 Kindle

image: go walk 4 skechers

are known to offer support and outstanding performance. That is the case when you wear the Go Walk 4 Kindle.

The footwear is light, giving anyone who wears them an effortless time when walking or moving around.

The sketchers will offer you a non-slip rubber sole. The non-slip is essential to seniors, as it reduces slip, trip, and fall accidents.

The footwear features a grip on the trend that helps those who wear it to stay on their feet even if they are walking on a slippery surface.

The Go 4 Kindle sketchers come in various shades, and the ones wearing can choose a color that will match their outfits. If you are looking for stability shoes, this is the best option for you to get.


Best for Every Day Walking - Propet W3851 Sneaker

It is convenient to have a pair of slip-on that offer you the wash and wear option. The one thing that makes the W3851 shoe stand out is that it is made using a nylon collar.

It is this feature that makes putting the footwear and keeping it on a breeze. The W3851 is a light shoe, and this makes it easy for the wearer to move.

Since footwear is worn for many hours, you need to get one that will feel light on your soles. Since it required energy to proceed, you will spend less energy when you wear light footwear compared to a heavier one.

The shoe is suitable for those who plan on going for lengthy strolls, have a condition on their feet, or those who enjoy wearing footwear that will not cause any strain to their feet.

It is also washing-machine friendly, and this is another feature you will like with this shoe.


Best for Stability - Propét Stability Walker Sneaker

If you need ordinary footwear that will offer comfort when walking, the stability walker from Propet is the footwear for you.

The shoe has perforated full-grain leather uppers that will guarantee your feet are well aerated and dry. The shoe has a cushioned collar and tongue and a simple lacing system.

Thus, giving the elderly an easy time when using the shoe. It also comes with an arch type known as EVA, which offers the most excellent support.


Women's Shoes


Dr. Comfort

image dr. comfort shoes

If you have a foot ailment, you need to take your time to buy shoes that will not further strain your legs. .If so, consider getting the

Dr. Comfort for Men and Women.

The shoe is prescribed for those who have arthritis, diabetes, hammertoes, or heel ache.

One of the reasons that make this shoe suitable is that it has removable gel-plus insoles. The soles are cushioned to offer the wearer an easy time.

The other reason to consider this shoe is that it will offer you excellent arch support. The arch support will help in providing your foot with the support it needs.

It will also eliminate the feeling of pain that comes with most foot conditions.

When you wear these shoes, you will have an easy time walking and standing. It will also offer your legs and feet the support and balance that they need.

The Saucony Progrid

Another shoe that cannot miss on this list is the Saucony Pro-grid. These are athletic shoes suitable for seniors who have miles to cover on their feet.

The shoe is available in narrow, medium, and wide fit. This makes it easy for you to find the right fit.

The shoe has a full-grain leather upper that is easily customized to fit any foot shape. Besides, the shoe offers a motion control feature.

The purpose of the motion control is to decrease the amount used in penetration.

The motion control helps in reducing injury when walking with the shoe. Finding comfy footwear is not easy; however, the list highlighted will offer you some percentage of comfort and arch support.

You need to go to the store and fit in the shoe to find the right fit for you to use. With the right shoe, you will enjoy great comfort, look great, and it will serve you for a long time.

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