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The Best Runners Watches for 2023

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Updated 1-15-2023

Here is a List of The Best Runners Watches

Time is an essential factor in the runner's world. Therefore, a runner is recommended to use an advanced watch that blends, functions, and accurately tracks the runner's several miles.

In addition, a good runner's watch should be easy to read and detect even the slightest change in the runner's activity.

Most standard runners watch one that has GPS tracking and can detect the heart rate. In most cases, a runner's watch can be used for other sports such as cycling and hiking. However, looking for a suitable runner's watch with advanced features can become tiresome as many runner's watches are on the market.

Apple Watch Series 7 Watch

Best Features: Apple Watch Ultra Smart Watch

REASONS FOR APPLE WATCH ULTRA — Built tough and competent, with a specific band for each, to fulfill the needs of endurance athletes, outdoor explorers, and water sports lovers. With all the Apple Watch functions that keep you connected, safe, and healthy, you may have a battery life of up to 36 hours.

VERY RUGGED, VERY CAPABLE – 49mm titanium casing that resists corrosion. more easily reachable buttons and a larger Digital Crown. water resistance of 100m. Action button with customizability for immediate physical control of many different functions.

The Largest, Brightest Display to Date— a visible Always-On Retina display that is bright enough to use in bright sunshine. additional space to add complications and personalize your watch face.

ADVICE FOR ENDURANCE ATHLETES Advanced analytics in the Workout app, such as Running Form and Heart Rate Zones. GPS with dual-frequency precision for precise estimations of distance, route, and speed. The Trail Loop band is made specifically for runners and is thin, light, and flexible.

FOR ADVENTUROUS OUTDOORSMEN — Compass app redesign offers brand-new perspectives and features. Compass Waypoints may be used to mark your location. Backtrack maps your route using GPS so you may go back and retrace your steps. In order to satisfy the requirements of hikers and climbers, the Alpine Loop band is incredibly durable and secure.

FOR ATHLETES IN WATER SPORTS – Designed for diving and high-impact water sports. Your wrist becomes a diving computer thanks to the Oceanic+ app. Ocean Band is a lightweight, flexible bracelet with an adjustable loop and titanium buckle for a snug fit even during fast-paced water activities.

HEALTH AND SAFETY FEATURES OF THE HIGHEST LEVEL — You can gain detailed insights into your health thanks to advanced health sensors. In the case of a serious fall or automobile accident, fall detection and crash detection can instantly link you with emergency services. Holding down the Action button will sound a 600-foot-distance siren.

Best Charging Station: Wireless Charger, 3-in-1 Fast Charging Apple Watch Series SE

The Wireless Charger, 3-in-1 Fast Charging Station for Apple Watch Series SE 8~2, 3-in-1AirPods,iPhone 14 13 12 11 Pro/X/Xr/Xs/8 Plus,Qi-Certified Phones(with QC3.0 Adapter) is the perfect way to charge all of your devices at once.

With its sleek design and fast charging capabilities, this charger will have your devices powered up in no time.

The built-in smart chipset provides high-speed charging for your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone, while the Qi-certified wireless charging pad charges your AirPods or iWatch with ease.

The soft material covering protects your devices from scratches, and the non-slip mat prevents them from sliding off.

Best Improved Battery Life: Garmin 955 Solar Forerunner

The Garmin Venu 2 is a GPS smartwatch that comes in two colors with an AMOLED display. Its extensive health monitoring features include health snapshot, Body Battery energy levels, sleep score, fitness age, stress tracking, and more. With built-in sports apps and wireless connectivity, it's perfect for staying active and connected on the go.

The Garmin Forerunner 955 Solar is a GPS-running smartwatch with solar charging capabilities that has been tailored to triathletes.

The Garmin Forerunner 955 Solar GPS Running Smartwatch is the perfect companion for triathletes and long-distance runners. It features an always-on, full-color display that is easy to read in direct sunlight, and a battery life of up to 20 days in smartwatch mode. The Forerunner 955 also has a built-in mapping system that keeps you on track, even in challenging environments. With its multiple global navigation satellite systems and multiple frequencies, the Forerunner 955 provides superior accuracy for distance and speed.

  • It comes with a power/data cable and Wearable4U white earbuds bundle

  • With up to 20 days of battery life in smartwatch mode and up to 42 hours in GPS mode, this watch can go the distance.

  • The full-color, built-in maps, and multi-band GPS make it easy to find your way, while the daily suggested workouts and training readiness features help you stay on top of your game.


  • Great Mapping Tool

  • 20 Days of Battery Life

  • Comes with Ear Buds


  • No Phone Call or Voice Assistant Support


  • Display: 1.3-inch diameter 260x260-pixel resolution, sunlight-visible, transflective memory-in-pixel with Power Glass lens

  • Battery: Up to 15 days in smartwatch mode or 20 days with three hours a day of solar charging, up to 42 hours with GPS/49 hours with solar, and up to 8.5 hours in GPS mode (all GNSS mode) with music playing

  • Water resistance: 5 ATM

  • Materials: Fiber-reinforced polymer case material. Silicone 22mm watch band

  • Storage: 32GB internal storage for up to 2000 songs

  • Dimensions: 46.5 x 46.5 x 14.4mm and 52 grams

  • Colors: Black and White

Our Verdict:

The Garmin Forerunner 955 Solar GPS Running Smartwatch is perfect for triathletes or anyone who wants a long-lasting battery. With solar charging, you can get up to 20 days of battery life in smartwatch mode or up to 110 hours in UltraTrac mode.

The built-in maps and multi-band GPS make it easy to find your way, while the training readiness and daily suggested workouts help you plan your strategy. And when you're done working out, the Wearable4U White Earbuds let you enjoy your music in style.


Best Endurance Watch: Garmin Enduro 2

The Garmin Enduro is a top-of-the-line multisport GPS watch designed for athletes who push their limits. With its solar charging capabilities, the Enduro can go the distance — even when you can't.

The rugged, lightweight design features an always-on 1.4" display and steel or DLC-coated titanium bezel, buttons, and rear case. The Trail run VO2 max tracks your cardiovascular fitness level and adjusts based on trail conditions.

The Ultrarun activity with a rest timer allows you to log your time spent at aid stations. And the ClimbPro trail enhancements give you information for descents and flats — for additional safety and awareness.





Endruo 2

Screen Size

1.4 inches



Map Type

North America



Included Components

Charging Cable / Documentation

Battery Life

50 Days

Mounting Type



  • Great Navigationultra run with the Map Tool

  • Log lasting battery

  • Fits nicely on the wrist when running


  • Can be expensive

Our Verdict:

The Garmin Enduro is the perfect multisport GPS watch for athletes who push their limits. With solar charging capabilities, this watch can go the distance with you, whether you're on a long trail run or an ultra run.

The rugged design and always-on display ensures that you have all the information you need at a glance, while features like VO2 max tracking and ClimbPro trail enhancements give you the data you need to train smarter and safer. Order yours today you will be glad you did.


Best Value: Garmin Forerunner® 255 Music

The Garmin Forerunner 255 is a GPS-running, smartwatch that provides advanced insights into your training, recovery, and overall wellness. The watch is built with a slim design and an always-on, full-color display that's easy to read even in direct sunlight.

Battery Life in GPS mode: 6.5 hours (with music), 30 hours (without music)

The Forerunner 255 offers up to 14 days of battery life in smartwatch mode and up to 20 hours in GPS mode, so you can get a full picture of your health without having to worry about recharging the watch frequently.

The morning report feature summarizes your sleep, HRV status, and daily workout suggestion in one place so you can start your day off on the right foot. You can also view your entire week of daily suggested workouts, which adapt after every run to match your performance and recovery.

The HRV status feature tracks your heart rate variability while you sleep, giving you greater insight into your overall wellness, recovery, and training performance.


  • Long-lasting battery

  • Accurate readings such as heart rate, sleep, and steps

  • It is an effective workout guidance


  • No music storage

  • No interchngable bands

Our Verdict:

The Garmin Forerunner® 255 is a GPS - running smartwatch that provides advanced insights, long-lasting battery life, and a sleek design. It is built with a slim design and an always-on, full-color display that’s light on the wrist and easy to read even in direct sunlight.

The Forerunner 255 provides up to 14 days of battery life in smartwatch mode and up to 30 hours in GPS mode for a full picture of your health — from sleep to training. The morning report summarizes your sleep, HRV status, GPS-running, and daily workout suggestion in one place as soon as you wake up.

The watch also gets you ready for your next race with training tips, personalized daily suggested workouts, and completion time predictions based on course details, weather, and performance.

You can view your entire week of daily suggested workouts, which adapt after every run to match your performance and recovery. Additionally, the HRV status tracks your heart rate variability while you sleep, giving you greater insight into your overall wellness, recovery and training performance. Pick one up here!


Best Improved Battery: SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Pro

The all-new Galaxy Watch Pro 5 is the perfect companion for your next adventure. With its improved battery life, sapphire crystal glass display, and tough titanium case, it can handle anything you throw at it.

The built-in GPS tracking system lets you follow GPX-format routes with ease, while the track-back feature helps you find your way back to your starting point. Plus, the advanced sleep coaching system tracks your sleep patterns and provides guidance on how to get a better night's rest.

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Samsung Features:

Your New Sleep Coach is Here

With Advanced Sleep Coaching, you can regulate your entire sleep quality while forming improved sleep habits.

Monitoring the Person's Heart well-being

Thanks to an enhanced, curved sensor that gets closer to your skin, you can receive precise well-being readings 5, 6.

It's designed to last on long outdoor trips because to its enhanced battery life;***** IMPROVED BATTERY & GALAXY CONNECTED EXPERIENCE Take on more experiences with synchronized Galaxy devices that operate in unison******

Stay on top of your health data; obtain a more reliable reading of your heart rate with the help of the curved Samsung BioActive Sensor's proximity to your skin.



The SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Pro 5 45mm LTE Smartwatch is the perfect device for athletes and adventure seekers. With its advanced sleep coaching, body composition analysis, and improved sensor accuracy, it's a powerful tool for tracking your health and fitness.

The auto workout trackback tracking feature makes it easy to keep track of your exercises, while the GPS route tracking and trackback feature helps you stay on course during outdoor activities. The sapphire crystal glass display and titanium case are built to withstand rough outdoor conditions, making this smartwatch the ideal companion for your next adventure.


Polar Vantage V

The polar vintage v is the third device to be released in the polar series devices. It is an improved version of the previous polar device, giving users more personalized and customized features.


The watch is built with a round face that makes it a sportier aesthetic feature and a more appealing appearance that fits everyone. It has two buttons situated on the left and three on the right side watchmaking it easier for one to operate the device on the move.

The watch's straps are molded in a way they can be exchanged. I desire to exchange them as they also give maximum length to fit anyone.

The screen is circular with a diameter of 1.2 inches which is bright and colorful. The watch comes in four colors hence giving the athlete a variety of colors to choose from. In addition, the screen is sensitive to prevent constant tapping in the watch.

Polar vantage 5

Battery life

The polar Vantage V has a solid inbuilt battery that can last up to a week. When all the watch features are turned on, the battery can last up to forty hours, making it capable of tracking in ultra-marathon races.

Features and specs

image: polar vantage 5

The watch comes with a heart rate sensor and a GPS tracker that are precise in detail. It also has added features such as running power, breathing exercise, recovery pro mode, and nightly recharge, making it easier for a runner in their routines.


Apple Watch Series 7 Watch

The watch is built on a rounded, square look with 41mm and 45mm to take care of different preferences. The edges of the watch are softer and more rounded, giving it a sportier look.

The watch weighs between thirty-two grams and 51.5 grams, conditioning on the dimension and outside material.

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It has black ceramic and crystal LED clusters with four photodiodes that facilitate health monitoring features. It also comes with a digital crown adjacent to the watch that helps navigate through the phone. The digital crown is also fitted out with a haptic response with a detailed mechanical texture.

Apple watch series 7 comes available in three constituents: stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium. It also comes in a variety of colors depending on the material used.


image apple 7 watch

The material used in making the watches gives the watch a more durable and crystal quality, which is fifty percent thicker than the previous models.

The watch is dust water resistant making it more durable in environments with harsh weather conditions.


The watch sports an OLED ultra-low-power temperature poly-silicon and oxide display that gives it an always-turned-on feature, making the display information visible. The display screen reduces when the wrist is not lifted to provide it with the power-saving feature.

Performance and Features

The apple watch series 7 allows users to personalize some features to fit their requirements. For instance, it comes with various font sizes and a larger menu optimized to fit one's needs. It has a dual-core s7 system in the package to offer quality performances like those of a chip.

It offers health monitoring features. It is embedded with sensors at the back to monitor blood oxygen, helping to release in case of a health complication.

The LED light shines onto the blood vessels in the wrist and utilizes photodiodes to determine the quantity of light reproduced. The collected feedback is then calculated to determine the level of oxygen in the body.

The watch has electrodes at the back that permit handlers to take single-lead electrocardiograms, which are used to diagnose health conditions.

In addition, the watch can be worn at night to track the sleeping pattern and how long one is sleeping.

The watch has face recognition that allows it to be accessed through the face recognition id.

It has a storage space of 32GB for music, apps, and other media that one may require.

Battery life

The watch can last up to 18 hours on a single charge when all the features are turned on. The phone may, however, drain faster when connected to phone calls and LTE.


Apple watches series 7 is armed with an Apple-designed W3 chip, GPS, and GPS+ Cellular models to connect to the network without using an iPhone. It can also connect to Bluetooth 5.0, which offers a long-distance range, faster speed, and a more prominent broadcast messaging capacity.


Garmin Forerunner 735 XT

Garmin forerunner 735 is the successor of the Garmin forerunner 735XT. The watch delivers an excellent and accurate tracking experience for runners.

Design and display

Garmin forerunner 735 has a fully round 43mm polymer case that measures 13.3mm in thickness and 47g. it uses silicon straps of 22mm that can be detached from the watch frame and exchanged with another strap. The straps come in a range of four colors giving the user a wide variety to choose from.

The display screen is circular with a diameter of 1.2 inches. The transflective display of the phone is 240 x 240, making it easy to view outdoors and indoors.

Features and fitness

 Garmin Forerunner 735 XT

Garmin forerunner has a reliable GPS performance that allows the user to be tracked in real-time by their family members during a race. It also has GLONASS and Galileo satellite systems that enhance the performance of the GPS.

The watches are embedded with sensors that evaluate heart rate and send the data to your database. It also has a SpO2 sensor that detects one sleeping pattern and sleeping hours.

The watch has training insights for the runners where you get a training status, load focus indicating the type of training one should indulge in and if they are doing the training the right way.

Battery Life

The watch can last up to one week while on the smartphone mode and about six hours when the GPS is on. It also has an ultra-trace mode that gives service up to twenty-one hours.


Fit Bit Surge

image fitbit surge

Fitbit surge watches are products of the super watch company. The watch's specs make the watch one of the most powerful Fitbit products.

Display and Design

The watch has a noticeably larger LCD making it easily cycle through multiple stats. In addition, it has a backlit mode that is always on, allowing one to keep tabs on their steps, miles, and heart rate.

The watch is typically a smartwatch; however, it has three buttons on the side that provides more control of the watch.

The straps come with a strong wristwatch clasp which allows one to fasten the watch on their wrist, allowing a firm grip.

The LCD screen is square and appears to have a thicker frame than the previously released models.


Fitbit surge comes with eight sensors that keep track of all movements made by the runner. For example, it has an altimeter that monitors the number of floors one climbs in a day.

Another sensor is the GPS that maps the runners running route on the google map while still generating step-by-step graphs for the body functions such as the pace, heart rate, and calories burned.

The watch is also embedded with a heart rate sensor that sits on the underside of the watch and reflects LED lights onto the skin to determine the change in the blood volume.

Fitbit surge is also able to keep track of the sleeping patterns of the runner.

Battery Life

The battery life can last up to four or five days when the GPS mode is off and about 8hours when all watch modes are turned on.


We research these watches for performance and battery life latest features today. Great collection of watches for runners and walkers so shop early and save!

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