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The Step by Step Guide to Strength Training

Updated: Mar 19

Exercise is Essential for Your Health and Well-Being

There are several exercise types that runners can engage in to become stronger and avoid injury when running competitively.

Strength training workouts will ensure better exercise performance and stronger runner arms.

Strength training is also excellent for people who do not engage in competitive sport and have several advantages.

Advantages of Strength Training

Weight Lifting Is Excellent For Your Heart

Here are the advantages of strength training.

Lifting weights is a great way to build upper body strength and is also excellent for your heart. It will ensure that your heart is healthier and protect you from heart-related problems such as high blood pressure and heart disease.

Check with your doctor before starting any exercises.

Bear in mind that you do not have to be a competitive runner or a bodybuilder to gain the benefits of an upper-body strength workout.

That said, make sure that you join a gym where a trainer can help you strength train by weight lifting. If you have a pre-existing condition or are older, make sure you talk to your doctor before beginning any new exercise routine.

Improves Your Posture

Upper body strength training is a great way to improve your posture. Slouching, for example, makes you seem shy and is bad for your back.

Good posture will help you breathe better, improve your mood, reduce headaches and enhance your function as you age.

You can better your posture by engaging in strength training exercises. Bear in mind that good posture also makes you look more attractive. Improved posture will also mean that you will function better as you grow older, and you will also look younger.

Reduces Risk Of Injury

Strength training reduces the risk of injury when you are engaged in running or other sports. Ensuring that your shoulders, arms, back, and chest muscles are strong will protect you in case of accidents.

Researchers have found that strength training reduces the occurrence of musculoskeletal injuries. Bear in mind that it can also improve your rate of recovery from injuries.

Improves Your Workouts

Upper body strength training will improve your daily work, and it will be easier for you. It will boost your workouts and ensure that you get the most out of your exercise. For example, if you enjoy swimming, a stronger upper body will improve your performance during a workout and even competitions.

Excellent For Your Bones

Weight lifting and other upper body strength workout techniques can help strengthen your bones and improve their density. Bones weaken as you grow older, and a resistance workout will make your bones healthier and injury resistant.

Helps You Feel Good

image:man woman stair climing
Up Your Game with Stair Climbing

Stair Climbing

Stair Climbing will give you a good workout. Climbing stairs is a great alternative exercise that helps strengthen your legs. Your calf muscles, hips, and knees are all engaged in this activity and there is no impact on your joints or the constant pounding on the ground like you would see in jogging, running, or sprinting. No need to purchase any equipment.

Check with your doctor before starting any exercises.

Exercise will help you feel good but achieving your exercise goals will ensure that you feel even better. Every time you move on to a heavier set of weights, you will feel good about yourself, and people around you will notice.

You will be more confident in the workplace and romantic relationships. It will also allow you to try new activities that interest you.

Here are some great upper body strengthening workouts that you can use.

Tips for Increasing Upper Body Strength.

Bench Presses

Bench presses are a great way to enhance your upper body strength. You can use free weights or exercise machines at your gym. It is advisable to ensure that you use a spotter when using free weights.

A spotter will help you in case the weights become too heavy.

To do a bench press, you will need to lie on your back with your chest and arms below the weight. Lift the weight out of its rack and lower it until it touches your chest.

You will need to repeat this several times. In case you do not have a spotter, you can use a chest press machine.

You can do the same exercise, and the machines have several safety stops to keep you safe. To work your entire chest, you can decline or incline the exercise bench to get the best out of your exercise.

Chest Flies

You can try chest flies which is an exercise that mimics a flying bird. You will need two sets of weights for your right and left hand. You can use dumbbells while lying on your back, standing, or even sitting in an exercise machine. This type of exercise ensures that you use your chest muscles to lift the weights.

To do it on a weight machine, you will need to lie on your back with a dumbbell in each hand with your elbows slightly bent. Remember not to move your elbows but to use your chest muscles to lift the dumbbells. You will need to do this several times and keep your elbows in a fixed position.


Push-Ups are an excellent way to exercise your upper body if you do not have exercise equipment. There are several variations of push-ups that you can try to strengthen your upper body.

These include basic, easy, elevated, and diamond push-ups. You can talk to your trainer at the gym on how to do these correctly for a strength workout.

As you get stronger, you will be able to do one-arm push-ups and clap push-ups. Do not get discouraged if it takes you a long time to do the exercises correctly. The most important person in your exercise routine is you, and do not let people discourage you.


image:Ring Strength Training
Ring Strength Training

Pull-ups are an excellent method to strength-train your back and lats. It involves using a bar to pull yourself up and is different from a chin up.

Pull-ups work your back, lats, arms, and shoulders and are therefore an excellent strength training exercise.

Use a horizontal bar and pull yourself up, such that your chest gets as close as possible to the bar. You can hold the bar at different points to help you exercise several muscles.

Strength training your upper body will benefit you physically and psychologically. It will make you stronger, enhance your exercise performance and improve your self-confidence. Ensure that you hire an excellent trainer or join a gym to get the best results from strength training exercises.

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