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Top 7 Tips for Warming Up for a Run

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Pre Run Stretches for a Run

Written by Randy S.

Warming Up For a Run

Are you new to running? If so, you need to learn how to carry out running exercises not to injure yourself.

Most people assume that they will need to get in the field and start their exercise if they want to run.

But running without warming up could lead to injuries. That is why you need to take the time to warm up before you start running.

That is mainly if you will run fast or on a track that will need you to do a lot of movement.The other reason to warm up before starting your running routine is to raise the body’s temperature.

When your body is warm, the metabolic process will be fast and supply you with the energy you need when running.

Increased body temperatures will also lower muscle resistance. Thus, enabling the muscles to contract faster and more robust will help you with the race. Here are tips on the effective warm-up.

Pre-run stretches

Most runners stay away from stretching before they run because of the fear that stretching might reduce their running efficiency.

Static stretching can indeed make you less efficient when running.

It might lead to you covering less distance.

But static stretching is not the best pre-run stretch.

The best stretch for you to do when running is dynamic stretching.

This is where you get a controlled, repetitive movement that mimics how the muscles and tissues will move when you run.

By doing this stretch, you will find that you are more effective when you run.

Not only will it increase your speed it will also give you the stamina to run further.

Start Running After Your Warm-Up

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After warming up, you might be tempted to take a rest and breathe before running. That is fine as long as you do not exaggerate it.

For instance, resting for 30 minutes after warming up will cool down your temperature, and it will back to normal.

Thus, you will not have any traces of warming up.

This will, in turn, leave your body not being ready for the run. The best way is for you to start running almost immediately after warming up.

By doing this, you will enjoy the benefits of warming up before a run.

Be Ready For The Long Races

Before running a 5k race, you need to make sure that your body is ready to handle it. Note that this is a high-intensity run, and your body must give 100%.

That is the reason you will need to have intensive warm-up sessions. The best way you can prepare your body for this race is by starting jogging, then 10-15 minutes of stretching.

That will help in mobilizing your joints and making them flexible. If you start this race without being fully prepared, you might overwork your muscles or get some injuries.

Increase Intensity for Shorter Distances

In case you are planning on running short distances, it is important to increase the warm-up routine.

Most people make the mistake of assuming that since they are not running a long-distance, they do not need to warm up too much, but that is not the case.

You will need to increase the warm-up to make the most from your running exercise.

Start Slow

The other important to put in mind when you are running is to start slow. The mistake most people make is to start small and slowly increase the intensity.

That way, you will not overwork your muscles. But you need to be cautious so that the warm-up power does not exceed the anaerobic threshold.

Have The Right Gear On

Warming up is done immediately before running. If so, you need to have the right gear on.

The warm-up should be done when you have the clothes and shoes you will use to run.

That way, you will not have to take a break to change before you start your run. Check out our Nikes Running Shoe buyers guide here.