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What Should You Wear While Running

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Choosing The Right Weather Gear for Running in 2021

Choosing the right outfit to wear when going for a run is more complex than it sounds.

Numerous factors have to be considered before determining the right gear to put on when running; the most crucial point is the type of weather.

What you wear will impact your level of comfort and your performance.

As a general rule, when selecting the outfit to wear when running, it is paramount for you to dress as though the temperatures were about 20 degrees warmer than what you feel to avoid finding yourself too warm when on the run.

Winter Season

Dressing for a cold season is not easy and can feel like just as a workout as the run itself. When the temperatures are down, you need to keep warm and comfortable. The best way of doing this is by layering.

The ideal way to dress when the weather is cold and plan to run is at least two running bottoms and layers of running tops. If the outfit does not feel warm enough, you can also wear a running jacket.

The other products that can help you keep warm are fitting sports bras, running socks, hats, a scarf, and mittens.

The important thing is to ensure you have warm outerwear to keep you safe from the wind and the cold air.


image:group running

After running in the winter, springtime is often welcomed by most runners. However, it is still not a warm season, and layering is still vital.

Keep in mind that the spring rain can make you sick if you are not warm enough.

When dressing for spring, dress according to the temperature and adjust your clothing accordingly depending on the rain and wind conditions.

Relying on what you prefer, you can choose to wear full-length capris or tight inside and then layer it with a running bottom.

If the weather is windy, make sure that you protect your chest by wearing a windbreaker. In case it is too cold, you can wear some gloves to help keep your fingers warm.

If spring is warm, then all you need is a lightweight long-sleeved shirt, and you can pair that with tight and running shorts. If it is windy, you can wear a lightweight windbreaker to help you stay warm.

As the temperatures keep getting warm, you can wear short sleeve shirt and capris, and running shorts.

At this point, you might want to leave behind your gloves unless your fingers are susceptible to cold.


image: guy running up steps

Unlike the winter, dressing for the summer will require less effort. It might be the best season in terms of ease and comfort when you are dressing.

If the weather is not too hot, you can wear a short and short sleeve shirt. You will also need some lightweight running socks to avoid excess sweating and blisters.

As the temperature increase in the summer, you will need to be careful about how you dress to avoid overheating.

You can wear a short and a sports bra or a tank top. Avoid wearing too many accessories so that you do not burn out.

Safety Items to Use When Running

image guy with headlamp for running

If you are running during the cold season and snowing, the type of shoes you wear is important. The last thing you need is a sports shoe that will slide in the snow.

The best item for you is sports shoes with spikes. That will give you stamina when running. A headband is also important as it will keep you warm.

If you are running during the warm season, you need to account for the sunshine. You can do this by wearing a hat as it will help keep the sun off your face. If so, this will ensure that you do not end up overheating.

In case the sun is too bright, you will need to wear light glasses to help make the running manageable and keep excess light away from your eyes.

Another important product you need when the temperatures are high is using a handheld water bottle to hydrate and avoid overheating.

Running is important and is one of the ways to ensure you are healthy. Thus, it is best to select the right weather gear to help ease your exercise routine.

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