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Why The Top Podiatrists Recommend MBT Shoes

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Written by: Annie W.


Disclosure: Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to me at no cost to you if you decide to purchase. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

These Walking Shoes Actually "propel" You Forward!

It is those who say that the MBT walking shoe community feels a bit like a secret club. MBT walking shoes are not shoes for which you often find reviews. However, they are one of the best athletic-styled shoes that you will ever find. Both podiatrists and physiotherapists recommend them.

In this review, we will take a look at a good introductory MBT shoe. The MBT Women's Sport (LE) Athletic Walking shoe will have you walking both faster and longer in no time at all.

What's The Secret To MBT Walking Shoes?

Let's find out why 20 million pairs of these shoes have sold worldwide. When you start reading more about these shoes, you will realize that the MBT shoe has many devotees. Many of them are athletes and sportspeople.

A pair of MBT walking shoes are probably not the only shoes in their wardrobe. However, when it comes to walking, they are probably the ones they turn to more often than not. Without a shadow of a doubt, these shoes will help you walk better. Yes, they are different from other shoes, but you will soon get the hang of walking in them. It will not be long before you notice positive results.

Who Should Wear MBT Walking Shoes?

Let's turn that question on its head. Who shouldn't wear MBT walking shoes? Even if you are going for a walk or out and about, MBT walking shoes are great. Thanks to their multi-layered sole, they are comfortable walking in for a longer period of time. Perfect for vacations and when planning to do a lot of sightseeing.

The multi-layered sole will protect your feet and joints from the impact of continuous walking. Instead of having a soft feel, MBT shoes have a slightly harder feel underfoot. In the long run, this is exactly what will help you to walk better. When you walk in them for a little while, you will notice that MBT walking shoes actually "propel" you forward.

The sole plays a huge role but so does the unique sensor technology in the shoe. MBT walking shoes are one of the few shoes that seem to be aware of the underneath and adjust accordingly.

They are popular with wearers who have joint problems or have had joint replacements. As you will know, if you have had a knee or hip replacement, you will more or less have to walk again.

You will soon feel more confident thanks to your new shoes. MBT Walking Shoes. If you have had a joint replacement or suffer from joint problems, you will know that balance may be an issue.

Your posture may also have suffered, but MBT shoes improve posture. Thanks to their unique incorporated technology,


The first time you put them on and stand up, you will feel your posture improve. That is super important when it comes to managing joint problems better. When you improve your posture, you will notice other benefits as well.

Breathing becomes easier as you are now standing better, making more "room" for your lungs. Your energy increases as your lungs now process more oxygen. These shoes are perfect for you to walk better and get fitter.

Your circulation will increase, quickly leading to both stronger muscles and tendons. Another thing MBT walking shoes will do for you is elongate your muscles and tendons.

That means you are less likely to suffer injuries, including muscle tears and Achilles tendon injuries.

MBT Shoes Tone Your Legs If you have been fighting poor muscle quality, you will find that MBT-style walking helps build muscle quickly.

Results do vary, but many MBT walkers say that they notice results within a matter of weeks. That is particularly true when you have had an injury or joint problem that has forced you to remain inactive for a while.

Serious injuries produce faster results. However, that does not mean that MBT walking shoes can't help you remedy other health issues.

For instance, cellulite is a problem caused by poor circulation. Many ladies claim that MBT-style walking has helped them reduce their cellulite. It is possible.

The multi-layered sole helps propel you forward; you are increasing circulation and getting a much better workout at the same time.

Many also say that they feel increased energy when walking in these shoes. That is probably down to improved posture and the feeling that you are being propelled forward. MBT shoes encourage and support you to pick up your feet.

Will My Feet Get Hot In These Shoes?

The manufacturers have thought of almost everything. Perhaps the range of colors is limited, but that is not a problem for serious walkers.

When you are a serious walker, you are probably interested to know if your feet are going to get hot. Of course, that is vital when you are walking for exercise.

The air mesh built into the shoe helps keep your feet at the right temperature. As always, you should make sure that you wear good-quality socks.

Pros and Cons of MBT Women's Sports 2 (LE) Walking Shoe:


  • Easy to buy online

  • Comfortable both for your feet and the rest of your body

  • Improves Your Balance

  • Splash proof

  • Can be worn every day Increases your stamina and energy

  • Multi-layered shoe Provides you with both comfort and stability

  • Well-made shoe from a quality manufacturer

  • Helps Improve Posture


  • Not a well-known brand but over 20 million sold

  • Different walking experience when compared to other walking shoes

In Conclusion

A pair of MBT walking shoes is a pair of shoes that you invest in. Not only will your feet thank you for it, but the rest of your body will as well. Just a word of warning – they are seriously addictive. Once you buy your first pair, you will want to buy more. Available in Mens' also.


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